Toni Cassista

Dear Dear Judy – you will not be forgotten….it has been some time since I last looked into those eyes of fire – you shared your strength, your humor, your truth – you taught us how to stand tall, stand up, you taught us to use our voices and not put up with all the BS that trys to drag us down. I miss yesterday – Remember Judy, FAT Lip Readers Theater – all the amazing women who put themselves in the front lines inspiring all of us to love these big beautiful bodies. Where are all the old fat dykes? We will come together – in celebration of your life Judy, and it is with hope that we build a bridge to each other so the next time we celebrate it will not be about a loss it will be to celebrate each other here and now….. I live in Santa Cruz and remember going up to the city every weekend for years spending time with all of you Judy and treasuring each moment…..we get so caught up in our own dramas that we forget what truly matters… mattered Judy to so many…..


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