Carole Cullum

There is no doubt about it, Judy changed my life in so many ways. I think I met her in the late 70’s in southern California.  She was outrageous!   Her presence, words and actions shocked me.  What?  It was ok to be fat?  That’s not possible.  And it was a scary thought.    But yes, I learned from Judy, from Fat Lip Readers Theatre, from Tightrope and from her directly that I could take strength and power from being fat, and it was more than ok, it was an important step for me to take and to urge others to join me.   It was a difficult path, but I made it.    Judy and others in the fat liberation movement were revolutionaries–our fat foremothers.  We need to continue to take up the banner of fat liberation and continue the fight against  fat oppression.
I know that I will.  Carole Cullum


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