Pat Dixon

Over the years I have had a multitude of Judy Freespirit contacts and sightings, mostly joyous, but sometimes serious and thought-provoking.  I will NEVER forget Judy’s reading of “Daddy’s Little Girl (?)” in – was it modern times, was it the 80s?  The room was packed and there were people in the upstairs (I for one) leaning over to hear every word.  I had no idea what I was about to experience…the brutal honesty and smooth, almost effortless rendering of convoluted situations and complex feelings that Judy talked about/read blew me away!  As I write this down blood is rushing to my skin, and my stomach aches a little from the shortened supply.  The woman could bare it.

When I look back on my life as I round out my 64th year, I think about the days I can remember.  You know, some stuff stands out.  I would have to say the days that stand out with Judy in them are among the most frequent of people that I did not really know or was friends/buds with.  That is pretty amazing for an acquaintance.  Well, she was amazing.

Just a little story of how Judy’s influence was felt at even the earliest of years.  Back in the mid 70’s I met a fat woman named Shawn.  She was persistently tired of being fat, I could relate to that.  Every now and then she would begin a diet, which often makes some/many women feel good about themselves (Shawn even relates that on one diet she walked down the street on her very first day, and a man hit on her for the first time in years. So it is in your head?)  But, anyway… in this case Shawn felt a little guilty since she was just beginning to get politicized around fat liberation.  Shawn told her story to us while sitting around the kitchen table.  There was a lengthily preamble about her guilty conscience  that I do not remember, but the punch line was she went out on the very first day of her new diet, and the very first person she saw on the street that she knew was Judy Freespirit!  The message to not pursue her dieting ways was very clear.  At that time I did not even know who Judy was, but other people in the room were laughing at/with Shawn and her amazing karma.  I don’t think Shawn and Judy even said a word to one another that day.  Judy was a whole book just walking down the street – well, a whole story for sure.

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