Bill Fabrey

I learned of Judy’s passing from Frances White’s excellent obit in the NAAFA newsletter. I first had dealings with this remarkable woman around 1970, in the early years of NAAFA, around the time that the LA chapter closed and the Fat Underground was formed. She and others in the group convinced me (but not all of my fellow officers) of the urgent need for the radical direction they were taking, and I have always admired her determination, and that of others in that group. I have known of some of her other areas of work in liberation, and admired what I knew of them.

In more recent years, I spoke with Judy several times by phone, about different matters, and was always impressed with her thoughtfulness. I guess we would have been closer friends if she had lived on the east coast, but what is important is the lasting legacy she gave in all of her work through the years, and her example to other activists!

Most of her friends apparently were women, but I never got the impression that she held my gender against me…

Bill Fabrey
Council on Size & Weight Discrimination
Mt. Marion, NY

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  1. Elizabeth Keir
    Sep 21, 2010 @ 22:30:39

    Bill, over the last fifteen or so years she developed close relationships with many men.


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