Kata Orndorff

I met Judy in the mid 80s when I lived in Sonoma County, CA. and was looking for a place to live She was in a 2-bedroom sublet for the summer and needed a roommate. A mutual acquaintance in the lesbian community gave me her phone number.

She did not tell me that Judy was a fat woman involved in the Fat Liberation Movement. But Judy did just fine educating me about fat politics. It was one of those “aha” feminist moments for me. Judy had such a clear understanding of the way that society oppressed women around body image. As well as the double whammy of then getting many of them on the seesaw between starving themselves to lose weight and then gaining it all back plus more because of the body’s healthy reaction to being starved.

I reconnected with Judy in the 90s at a co-counseling conference for disabled people. By then I had become chemically sensitive. Judy was there for me during some difficult times in my life. When my partner left me after moving to Tucson she called me every week to do co-counseling by phone on her dime. I was able to travel to the Bay Area to visit and interview bisexual women for a book I was working on because I stayed with Judy in her environmentally safe condo.

In the last several years Judy and I have kept in contact by phone, talking to each other every few months or so. She knew she could share with me the struggles she was having in her life. I knew I never had to censor how difficult and, at times, painful my life is with Judy. She understood.

Judy I know you’re fine. I know you truly have no limits now. I know you’re in a state of bliss. So, I know it is for my loss of you that I mourn. I miss you, dear friend.

Kata Orndorff


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